109 St. project receives unanimous approval from City Council

McKernan Messenger | September 15, 2014

The Mark on 109, 77 Avenue Building Elevation | Conceptual drawing by REVCOR
The Mark on 109, 77 Avenue Building Elevation | Conceptual drawing by REVCOR

The project was supported by some community members and opposed by others, including some current and some former residents of 77 Ave. as well as non-resident property owners. The development consists of a five storey mixed-used building with commercial on the ground floor facing 109 St., taking up the four lots on that section of the street. The two lots to the immediate west of this will consist of three-storey townhouses. The existing alley that runs north of 77 Ave. perpendicular to 109 St. will be moved to the west, widened and designed as a ‘living alley,’ according to the plan outlined in the bylaw. Parking will be underground, accessed from the new alley. The entire site was included within the 109 Street Area Redevelopment Plan area, and the DC2 zoning included site-specific land use regulations.

Now that the bylaws have been passed, the project still needs to receive development permits and construction permits. Revcor has not confirmed when construction might begin.

Speaking against the motion, Brian Kropf of the Garneau Community League raised a point about the lack of clarity in the 109 Street plan regarding the interpretation of the section of the plan that governs the depth of penetration of commercial property into the neighbourhood. The plan currently states that commercial and mixed-use structures be limited to a property depth of approximately 40 metres; it is not clear if this refers to the entire project or only to the section that includes the commercial and mixed-use structures. Council directed the administration to meet with the affected communities, including Garneau, McKernan, Queen Alexandra, Parkallen, Pleasantview and Allendale, to discuss the intent of this wording (section of the 109 Street Corridor Area Redevelopment Plan) and to provide a report to Committee

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